“Everything is alright, everything’s in your mind…”

Jhené Aiko – Souled Out (2014)

The way I’ve had Jhene Aiko’s “Souled Out” album on repeat, you would think I’m going through something. I listen in the shower, walking to class, on the shuttle, while studying, in the car, while I cook, etc. It’s not even like it’s just this crazy masterpiece or something. I just really, really like the album. So FYI: if I ever post any lyrics to the songs, chances are I’m not in my “feelings” (or I might be, in a good way), I’m just vibing with a song at the moment. It’s interesting because on my initial listen, I wasn’t so fond of it, but after the second, I was pretty much hooked. It’s been that way for me ever since her first mix-tape, “Sailing Soul(s)“, which came out in 2011, then continued with her EP, “Sail Out” that released last year, and now with “Souled Out”. I can’t quite understand my infatuation with her music, because like I vaguely mentioned, her songs aren’t just incredibly lyrical. Sure, her voice is soothing and melodic, and the beats will put you in a trance, but there’s nothing grand about her lyrics; I guess they’re just so relatable, which is why so many people like her music.  If you’re interested, iTunes has the deluxe edition of her album, which has 14 tracks and is priced at $11.99. Target has an exclusive deluxe edition that includes 2 bonus tracks for $16.99.

Happy listening!


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