What to Wear.

I often do a proverbial face-palm when I come across great apps that I feel I could have easily had the idea for, and think about the creators that are rolling in dough, all because they decided to share their ideas and interests with the world. I’ve always wanted to create an app of my own, but never had a solid idea or plan for one. What do I have a need for? What is something that I could undoubtedly benefit from? So I did a little thinking, and it came to me. Something I’ve been wishing for, for the longest time: an outfit creator. Now I’m aware this doesn’t sound like app gold, but hear me out first. I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent plenty of time, unnecessarily, trying to remember what outfit I’ve worn to where, crafting different ways to wear a particular piece, and not being sure if an outfit I’ve designed in my head would pull together once I put it on. It’s stressful! For those of us that care, at least.

For example: I was in San Antonio this past weekend, and I brought some basics that I was sure I could easily form outfits with. To my displeasure, what I thought was going to be a simple throwing on of clothes, turned out to be a full-blown stressful experience, affecting my mood and everything. So reflecting on that, I think to myself: “How simple would getting dressed be if I had an app that recorded pictures of all my articles of clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc., and helped me figure out how to properly craft and coordinate outfits?”. Awesome, right?! From there, What to Wear was born…in my head.

The essence of What to Wear, is for you to take pictures of your pieces, which then puts them into a virtual closet, from which you can easily coordinate outfits. You can organize your outfit ideas by days, times, or occasions for which you’d want to wear them (which will save you a TON of time), and also take pictures and post for certain days of the week, so that you are not constantly repeating (that is, if you care about that sort of thing). You can also separate your clothes into seasons, so that you’re not scrolling through heaps of summer clothes, when you’re only trying to generate a ‘fit for a slightly chilly, Fall, evening event. The app will also feature a section where you can also record photos of hairstyles you frequently sport, or are wanting to try, and match those with outfits as well. Last, but not least, the app will incorporate a portion I’d like to call What to Buy. What to Buy is designed to help you find that perfect missing piece to your outfit, if need be. For example: you may love an outfit down to the ankles, but decided that instead of the black pumps, you think a pair of red ones would look much better; the only problem is: you don’t have red pumps, in which case What to Buy would help you find an exact or close match to what you’re looking for online and in-stores. Another feature of What to Buy is that it allows you to insert a maximum budget for what you’re looking for, so that you’re not bombarded with two pages of red Louboutins, when you’re more-so on a Steve Madden budget.

Now, don’t get it confused, I may be approaching from a woman’s perspective, but this app is for guys, too! I know a lot of guys don’t put nearly this much thought into what they wear, but some do, and those few will not be left out. Below I will post the interface of the app, and a few vague shots of what it may entail. Contrary to the initial monochromatic view of the app, it will contain several customizable themes, so you can change the color schemes, fonts, etc. to suit your fancy. (Disclaimer: Although I would love to create an app like this, this post was for a class, and this app does not really exist. At least not this particular one by me.)

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“F is for Friends that do stuff together…”


Photo by: abigaylee.tumblr.com

Photo by: abigaylee.tumblr.com

For some reason, I almost always, at some point, feel compelled to talk about friends on my social networks. The reason being is that I find friends to extremely imperative to ones development and evolution as a human being. Forget the philosophical aspects of it, and even the social aspects of it, friends are more than, or at least should be more thank physical assets to your life. A friend of mine once preached at one of his bible studies, “a best friend is not the one you have the most fun with, but the one who tells you the most truth”. Although I’m not naive enough to believe that everyone has the same views on friendships, or even the same goals in mind for them, I do feel like this is an aspect of one’s life that is worthy of intensive evaluation.

I guess this is why I’ve always been careful with quickly identifying people as friends. To me, being friends, or even more-so a “best” friend, is more than having someone around that  you share common interests with or turn up with the most. I feel like it is so important to have people around you that will support you, tell you the truth, stick closer than a brother/sister, ones that don’t stunt your growth spiritually, mentally, or emotionally, and don’t make you feel small. Nowadays, people define friends as who takes the best “selfies” with them, or knows the cutest guys guys and hottest spots, or who dresses the best.

I say all of this to say: take careful consideration into whom you call friend. As they say, “bad company corrupts good character”.

Texas State U.

Beautiful flowers in front of the Undergraduate Academic Center (UAC). (Photo taken by me)

This will probably be the first post of many about my experience at Texas State. I talk to a lot of people that are interested in the school, or at least interested in what goes on there, so I figured and hope that this post, and the series to come, will be helpful. With that being said…

I came to Texas State this semester as a transfer student. I was initially schooling at a junior college in Houston, prior to coming to San Marcos. The process of transitioning from home-life to living on my own at school wasn’t necessarily seamless, but not a terrible experience either. I didn’t get much assistance when it came to campus life and knowing my way around the school, but it seemed like whenever it was time for a payment for tuition, or anything related to that, I’d get an e-mail within seconds. I did an online orientation, however , it wasn’t very helpful. The online orientation wasn’t interactive and pretty much only displayed  the ins-and-outs of the school website, and what buildings you would need to go to for certain services. It wasn’t at all what I expected out of “orientation. Thankfully, my roommate was generous enough to mildly show me around, and pinpoint me in the direction of where some of my classes were. She also gave me the gist of apartment living and the shuttles in our area. That’ll probably be one aspect of the school that I’d say needs improvement. There’s a lot of focus on the freshmen, which is understandable, but it is important to realize that freshman aren’t not always the only “new” students coming into campus, and others may need specific guidance, also.

Another thing I had to get used to at Texas State was the partying. My goodness, the partying. I figured that Texas State was a party school based off of what everyone was telling me, even my Houston friends from home, but I didn’t anticipate that folks were really out here in “the club going up on a Tuesday“. It was bizarre. It seemed like everyone turned up on every day of the week, at all hours of the day, for any occasion. I even found out there was a whole bar on campus. Of course, as a result of college kids viciously turning up every weekend in what many would call a “college town”, there are many more intoxicated drivers on the road. Thankfully (and not-so-thankfully at times), there is an increased amount of law enforcement on the roads on weekends as a direct correlation to that. It’s not 100% guaranteed safety, but it works out.

How about you? What were some of your first experiences of university life? Did you enter as a freshman, transfer, or perhaps an international student? Leave a comment below!