Here I have a video that mildly describes what I think of my brand so far, and what I hope for it to be! Just click the link below and enjoy. 🙂


#FDOM14 Final Thoughts


The semester has officially come to a close. With students, including myself, preparing for finals, I thought I’d leave some last remarks on my experience with #FDOM and how it influenced (well, more like required :]) me to get back in the blogging world. Blogging on an a website again has been interesting, and I’ve now seen the various faces of it. I now see people promoting their passions, and making a career for themselves solely inviting others to share in what they love to do, or things that interest them. I still think blogging is quite of bit of work (Tumblr might have spoiled me), which is an opinion I’ve had since my Blogspot days, however, it can be an excellent medium if used tactfully.

As far as having to use social media to promote myself this semester, I thought it was a little awkward, because I felt like one of those people that I, at times, tend to avoid on Twitter – ones that post post nothing but links. I posted actual content, too, to make myself feel better, but once I got used to it, it wasn’t that bad. If you think about it from the career perspective, that aspect of promoting yourself is imperative, because it is how you’re going to properly brand yourself and get the word out so people can know about you, or whatever/whoever you’re representing. After all, when you think of Twitter, what’s one of the main words that come to mind?: News. And that “news” wouldn’t go anywere without people there to share it. This example illustrates the same idea, as it relates to our brands/blogs.

Some skills I wish I could’ve improved on more is HTML/CSS and graphic designing. I’m not too beaten up about it, though, because I’ve also received many great resources to continue my expansion and studies on these skills outside off the classroom, so I’m happy about that. Hopefully, if I decide to keep this blog, or build a new one with a fresh domain, I’ll be able to use it to further my career and business endeavors, while doing and sharing what I love, of course.


As the semester comes to a close…

I thought I’d share some of my favorite, personal moments from my first semester at Texas State with you guys! With falling in [deep like] with the quaint, college-town that is San Marcos, to branching out and discovering the personalities of San Antonio and Austin. From silly moments with my boyfriend to girls nights to Texas State events; I hope I convey to you all how happy I am with my transfer. I’m already pumped for next semester’s adventures!

(One photo from Pinterest)

Texas State U.

Beautiful flowers in front of the Undergraduate Academic Center (UAC). (Photo taken by me)

This will probably be the first post of many about my experience at Texas State. I talk to a lot of people that are interested in the school, or at least interested in what goes on there, so I figured and hope that this post, and the series to come, will be helpful. With that being said…

I came to Texas State this semester as a transfer student. I was initially schooling at a junior college in Houston, prior to coming to San Marcos. The process of transitioning from home-life to living on my own at school wasn’t necessarily seamless, but not a terrible experience either. I didn’t get much assistance when it came to campus life and knowing my way around the school, but it seemed like whenever it was time for a payment for tuition, or anything related to that, I’d get an e-mail within seconds. I did an online orientation, however , it wasn’t very helpful. The online orientation wasn’t interactive and pretty much only displayed  the ins-and-outs of the school website, and what buildings you would need to go to for certain services. It wasn’t at all what I expected out of “orientation. Thankfully, my roommate was generous enough to mildly show me around, and pinpoint me in the direction of where some of my classes were. She also gave me the gist of apartment living and the shuttles in our area. That’ll probably be one aspect of the school that I’d say needs improvement. There’s a lot of focus on the freshmen, which is understandable, but it is important to realize that freshman aren’t not always the only “new” students coming into campus, and others may need specific guidance, also.

Another thing I had to get used to at Texas State was the partying. My goodness, the partying. I figured that Texas State was a party school based off of what everyone was telling me, even my Houston friends from home, but I didn’t anticipate that folks were really out here in “the club going up on a Tuesday“. It was bizarre. It seemed like everyone turned up on every day of the week, at all hours of the day, for any occasion. I even found out there was a whole bar on campus. Of course, as a result of college kids viciously turning up every weekend in what many would call a “college town”, there are many more intoxicated drivers on the road. Thankfully (and not-so-thankfully at times), there is an increased amount of law enforcement on the roads on weekends as a direct correlation to that. It’s not 100% guaranteed safety, but it works out.

How about you? What were some of your first experiences of university life? Did you enter as a freshman, transfer, or perhaps an international student? Leave a comment below!